Terms & Conditions

What is PH Instrument Return Policy? 

We offer ONE MONTH money back guarantee on all our products. This one month guarantee begins on the day when you will receive the goods. If you are not satisfied with the quality of any product, you can return your purchased item with in 4 weeks time, your payment will be refunded as soon as we receive goods. You can also replace your items with another product within one month of purchase. For details and our returning address please see our contact us page.

What are online Payment Options?
You can make order via Paypal or 2checkout. All major credit cards are accepted.


Can we buy in currency other than US $?
Yes, when you will go to our buyers page, you will have the option of choosing your currency. When you will choose your currency, our prices will automatically will be converted to your requisite currency.
For non-US currency, payment options are limited to Visa and Master Card.

What are shipping methods?
We ship all parcels via DHL, FedEx and DPEX service and it is FREE of cost.  If your purchase value more then US$: 99.99 However if your order less then US$: 99.99 you will have to pay US $ 49.99 DHL service charges for orders less than 1/2 kg. If your order is above 1/2 KG, DHL service charges will increase accordingly, in such case We will email you about total weight and extra DHL service charges at the time of shipment.

How much time will it take for an order to reach me after shipment?
Normal standered delivery takes about 3 to 7 days.

Is PH Instrument supplying quality products to wholesale distributors only?
PH Instrument is supplying its quality products to wholesale distributors as well as retailers and consumers all over the world.

What should I expect to happen once I place an online order?
As soon as you place an order we will send an email confirming that your order has been received (your order number will be included); this e-mail should arrive within approximately 24 hours.